What I have done –

9-11 = Essay writing and reading from Art and Theory book

12-2 = Lecture on Robert Luzar’s work, including performance viewing and Oogoo Maia interactive lecture at Newton Park

3-4 = Ran 6k for charity

Evening = Essay writing


Thoughts on today –

  • The talk at Newton Park with Robert and Oogoo was quite interesting. Before I began my university course I had not known much about video performance in art. I feel intrigued about performance art and respect those who have to confidence to do it. For me I would be very much out of my comfort zone to perform live. However, the talk was interesting and was an unforgettable experience. We played games using our eyes and I observed others playing communication/ music influenced games
  • http://www.skelf.org.uk/ARCHIVE/N_Robert%20Luzar.html
  • http://oogoo.musicteachershelper.com/
  • Essay writing is taking over practical work at the moment. However, I am carrying on reading about subject areas and themes based on the essay
  • Booked a session with the w&l centre to go over essay bibliography and referencing