What I did today –

  • Completed writing my essay, looking forward to having my session at the writing and learning centre on Monday to check it through
  • I went into university from 2-4 and prepared my etching plate – Polished the plate for 40 minutes (wanted a mirror finish), applied hard ground substance while plate was on a hot surface, rolled the hard ground evenly over the plate, let the plate cool, placed the plate into the plate holder and smoked using a lighter and candles (next time hold the candles further down beneath the plate to ensure I don’t scratch the ground on the surface, allow to cool and then it’s ready to scratch into)

Thoughts on today –

  • A few parts of my essay need work, for instance my in text referencing isn’t consistent as I’m  not 100% how to do it properly
  • Felt confident in the etching workshop smoking my plate. I was happy to be left to y own devices and to be allowed to make mistakes. I find making mistakes very useful, although I do hate making mistakes !