What I did today –

11-12= Attended a professional practise talks about CV writing

12-2= Reading in the library

2-5= Final printing workshop session- printed using better quality paper

5.30-6= Ran for MIND

6-8= Wrote up notes from contextual folder


Thoughts on today-

  • the professional practise talk about CV’s was incredibly helpful. We were shown example CV’s. Additionally we spoke about what not to include and what to include in a CV. Additionally we were given various websites to look at concerning job opportunities and residencies
  • The better quality paper used in the print workshop was significantly better than the previous printing session last Tuesday. The images look a lot clearer and less messy. I will definitely use better quality paper in the future. However, this process takes longer as the paper has to sit for 20 minutes in water as opposed to 10 when using cotton duck paper.
  • I am writing up my notes in my contextual folder to make the folder clearer and appear more organised. In my feedback tutorial, it was raised that the organisation of my reading could be better and perhaps categorised. I have clearly dated the pieces that I can remember the dates for, and titled and written up what was hand written in an attempt to improve. Additionally, I am photocopying pages from books I read and the covers for reference.