What I did today –

10.30-11.30= I attended a projector talk

11.30-5= Reading and writing up notes from context folder. I visited the library and checked out more books to read for inspiration for my practical work

5-6= Staff talk lecture by Rachel Withers

7-8= Attempted writing a CV and updated what I had done onto this website. Additionally I updated my sales assistant, part time job CV


Thoughts on today –

  • The projector talk was very useful. It appeared that there were a lot of things about wires and cables that I did not know about concerning how they can so easily be damaged etc. Furthermore we were taught the differences between the projectors available and what they are used for. For instance the largest projector available can be used outside and can project incredibly large images. Where as there are some projectors that will become damaged and are not suitable for outside use. We were warned of the expenses associated with damaged projectors and the importance of knowing how to use them properly.
  • I took out various books- ‘Mandala’ (Sacred symbols) book, along with others involving Tibetan sand painting/ mandalas, and the symbolist movement
  • http://www.rachelwithers.com/
  • The rachel withers talk was interesting. Her love for writing was quite inspiring although I don’t think my focus will become more tailored towards writing