What I did today –

9-11= signing house contact for next year

11-12= Running for MIND

2-5= Metal workshop/ induction

5.30-7= Planning for Bristol trip


Thoughts on today –

  • The metal induction was fun and interesting. I wanted to complete this workshop so I could use the tools available in more confidence. My work is becoming about making my own tools to create my work. For instance, I am interested in Tibetan sand painters and how they create mandalas and beautiful works out of sand. They use fine tools and it takes months for them to produce each piece. When I created a sand piece last term, I found it very difficult to place the sand in the correct place. I was using my accommodation key card and a spoon to apply to sand to the page and had to restart the piece multiple times as the sand bounced on the page too much. Completing the metal workshop allowed me to see what was available and what options I had when creating my own tools
  • Below are some photographs of my tools that I was given as a present- to use these you simply fill the funnel with sand and rub the object using the wooden piece. You rub along the grooves of the funnel to enable the sand to tip out gradually. You can use this tool as if it were a pencil