What I did today –

9-9.30= Ran for MIND

11-4= Drawing

4-6= Playing with my Tibetan Sand painting tools

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Thoughts on today –

  • the tibetan sand painting tools were incredibly hard to control. I found myself tipping the sand out of the wrong end of the funnel and onto myself a lot. However, with time, I became more used to the tool and trusting in it. The process was quicker than when I was using simply my hands to tip the sand on the page. When using my hands I couldn’t control how much I tipped out each time. However, using the wooden piece to rub along the grooves on the funnel allowed me to control the amount coming out. I enjoyed the process but want to move away from making mandalas. My love for architecture is still very strong
  • I am beginning to think about what substances other than sand I can pour through a funnel, whether it be a liquid or not. I could try using salt, flour, sugar, larger grains, dying grains to get tone and shading into my images, I could use liquids such as inks, pastes, paint etc. (However, I will wait until I have made my own tools to attempt pouring liquids. I don’t want to ruin my funnel !)
  • Really enjoyed drawing