What I did today –

Today I started exploring using other materials in my Tibetan sand funnel. I had originally been using salt, then sand to link to the material of an actual building. Today I have chosen to use flour, I want to see how the material flows through the funnel and whether it is an easier material to control and put in place. Below are some images of the process so far


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Thoughts on today –

  • Using flour in my funnel proved hard work. The flour was so soft it got stuck in the groves of the funnel. Furthermore I was forced to be more aggressive with the tools to allow the flour to flow out of the funnel, this made it harder to control the material, and I ended up going back to my original tools of using a spoon and my key card !
  • At the end of the day I was feeling incredibly frustrated. I accidentally dropped my tools over the piece and the flour spilled out of place. However, I had drawn out the image beforehand so have decided to retry it tomorrow
  • In the future I think I will stick to sand. I want to explore the use of other colours though, so perhaps I will look into dyes or speak to Tim about the best and safest ways to dye the sand