What I did today –

I spend my day in the paint studio and in my workshop, completing a group task set by our technician Tim. The task we were set was to bring in a piece of artwork that we are happy to be modified. 8 of us attended. Throughout the day, we had to pass each piece we had bought in, to each person to modify. Every hour we received a new piece to work on. I decided to take in my painting of Bath Abbey interior that I painted on perspex. I was quite attached to this piece but wanted to see how others would approach to changing it. Below are some images of the process

Thoughts on today –

  • I personally thought the workshop went on for too long a period for the amount of pieces we had to work on. By the time we received the pieces to work on at the end of the page, they had nearly been destroyed. I believe if we had only 30 minutes to complete the task, it would have worked a lot better and our time would have been used a lot more productively. By the end of the task I was given instructions to throw the piece at the wall and to saw at it. Although this was therapeutic, it was not art in my eyes.
  • The task has taught me to be less precious of my work and to not be afraid of changing and experimenting on things.
  • Each piece was so different in the first place, it was interesting how each piece developed.