What I have done today –

I had my weekly tutorial with Robert today

From 2pm until 3pm I attended a video equipment workshop

From 4pm onwards I attended a seminar based on the extract ‘Drawing is the New Painting’ by Karen Kurcynski, published online January 31st

Thoughts on today –

  • In response to my tutorial I have had a few more ideas that I could do in relation to my current practise. It was bought up that in a lot of my works I focus on transparency, windows, the idea and concept of impermanence. Before my tutorial I was completely unaware that this was a theme that follows through my project. In response to this, I have thought about focusing in on this. I am going to look more in to stain glass windows, detail in cathedrals and churches, and look more into media that is transparent almost.
  • In addition to the theme of transparency running throughout my practise, drawing is clearly very important to me. I use drawing as a base line and plan for my more experimental works. Furthermore, it was agreed that it is important to keep drawing. This is in order to maintain motivation, and to inspire further experimentation
  • I mentioned ‘drawing something to remember it’ in my tutorial. In my previous studies I have looked at events such as the Berlin wall and the Bath Blitz. These events interest me very much and a lot of my work appears to stem from reading about these events. I stated that a lot of my work is very much like a memorial of an event, place or thing which is very true. I always create work to show it’s beauty.
  • For next weeks practise, I am going to look into dream analysis (perhaps read into Freud’s dream analysis book), windows/ rose windows and I need to keep focusing on my sand pieces.
  • Practically, as opposed to research based tasks, my task will be to play with sweets again, making sugar art (stained glass windows). Additionally, I need to continue drawing using Fine liner pens and creating sand paintings, perhaps introducing new tones with darker coloured sugars etc. (Flour was too soft a material to use). Perhaps look into using resin (inspired by another students work), finger painting, making moulds for the sweet art etc.
  • The video equipment induction was very useful. I learned that equipment I have used before for filming my sand pieces, was probably the worst camera to use. A Nikon camera is best for photography. The JVC camera is probably the best option to use. However, I know feel confident and know that I can go to a technician to ask for more specific help.