Monday –

At 10am I attended a talk from A P Fitzpatrick Artists Material Suppliers, London owners. The spent the day giving a short introductory talk to begin, followed by giving students tutorials. They gave constructive feedback and offered advice and ideas. At 4pm I had my tutorial.

The feedback I received on my practise was interesting. It seemed the artists noticed I focus on detail, accuracy and creating linear work. It was mentioned that grids appear a lot in my work and that I had created a variety of pieces. After showing my sand art work, it was fed back that if an artist is to do video work, they should perform the piece confidently. In my videos, I never show my face in the works, I only show my hand wiping the sand away. I had never thought about this before, or noticed that I do this. Yes, I  would much prefer to show a piece of 2d or 3d work and not have myself perform next to it. In my videos, the aim was to show the effect of the sand moving, and I was not meant to be the focal point. However, after the artists had bought this up, I notice that perhaps my presence, or lack of, can affect the overall effect of the piece. Furthermore, I think I will try to avoid video work because the messages being sent off are not what I thought would be taken from my work.

Following on from this, the artists believed that my drawings lacked life and empathy of the buildings I was portraying. Yes, I had depicted an accurate depiction of the building. However, I had not shown texture or given anything away about the history or inside of the building. I would have to disagree with the artists not liking the overall effect, as I love the use of fine liners and the simple lines they create. However, I will happily try other techniques and explore other methods in my future work, to make the pieces more exciting and engaging.

Tuesday –

I spent the day in Oxford, visiting the Ashmolean and walking around the centre of Oxford. Unfortunately the rain and temperatures made it difficult to take good photographs of the places I visited, however, I enjoyed taking the time to think about my practise and to walk around an inspiring place

wednesday to thursday –

I spent reflecting, reading and organising my previous works