What I have done today –

Attempted reading a book called ‘Form in Gothic’ by Wilhelm Worringer. I mention ‘attempted’ as I am finding the sophisticated use of language hard to interpret. I think I need to have a conversation with my tutor about this book to help me understand the underlying points that are relevant to me and my practise.

I decided to explore using more textures and materials based on buildings I have looked at so that the work I produce has a more realistic look and feel to it. I notice I very rarely use texture in my work and perhaps this is an area that my work needs. Furthermore, I took an A1 sheet of thick paper and covered it in pva glue and many layers of sand to see how the sand would look. I wanted to see if it would be a surface I could use to paint on to or carve in to perhaps. However, I found that the sand keeps gradually dropping off the page. There is a photograph below of the piece