Reflection day – looked back at my work, thought about my practise and things I really want to explore

Additionally, I sent of an email to an art therapy centre in Bath for some work experience. Due to having a great interest in psychology and art, I wanted to look into areas of work I could go into after university. I have had the opportunity to get into contact with an art therapist and have arranged to speak with her next week. I will blog information found out and advice given. Furthermore, as my practise goes on, I realise I like to be social, I like to have a plan/ routine and feel fulfilled when I have helped someone else or pleased someone else. Art therapy has really caught my eye and I wish to know more about what the job really involves, what the hours are like, what is required to be an art therapist and whether having this as a goal will motivate my practise.

To do –

Update my artist cv

Create an artist statement

Increase context folder notes- research artists/ look into exhibitions/ research history of architecture

Arrange work experience for May

Read over notes from wednesdays lecture