What I have done today –

Researched an artist called David Moreno, looked at the following sites and made notes





I also attended my lectures between 9 and 11am- the art economy was the main point of discussion

I had previously bought lots of long match sticks to work from. I bought these from poundland and they took my eye. In my practise I love to create linear works and I wanted to find a way of creating a linear piece, whether it be a sculpture or 2d piece, using materials associated with building. Furthermore I spent the afternoon cutting the red heads off the end of the matches to use on thursday. Below is a photograph of the process


Thoughts on today –

  • I am feeling very inspired by the works of David Moreno. I love the delicacy of the pieces he creates. There is a true craftsmanship to them and I love how the pieces echo everyday materials used for buildings. The simplicity of the houses and buildings are amazing, they look so complicated, detailed and delicate.
  • The lecture we had was interesting. We learned how different the art economy is in comparison to the economy we live in. In the art world, an artists passion is somewhat taken advantage of. If an opportunity rises where an artist can display and create work, they will almost definitely jump in to produce work, regardless of being payed. If you were a plummer, accountant etc. you would never do work without being payed. The point, students at university should technically be paid, was spoken about. We are all practising artists in an institution, we represent the university and work along side technicians and other professional artists. Should we be paid?