What I did today-

  • Began making stairs, experimenting with 3D work

Thoughts on today –

After discovering the work of David Moreno I became inspired to try working with 3D work. In  all honesty 3D work is something I usually avoid, I have always felt comfortable doing 3D work or adding texture onto a 3D piece rather than making a sculpture. I find it hard to visualise what I am making and it takes me a lot longer to do.

I bought extra long match sticks last term to use in my practise. However, I got more involved in my sand piece and didn’t ever use them to make a sculpture. I began trying to piece together the match sticks the other day, however it was very hard to get the structure straight, accurate and to hold strong. Furthermore I decided to make a cardboard structure first to help hold the structure of the stairs. I didn’t think too much about what I was making, I am more interested in playing with the materials at this point.

I used superglue and thick cardboard to make the structure which I will then cover with matchsticks.