What I have done today –

9-11= Contextual studies lecture on culture, power and powerlessness, we discussed what we thought was yucky to begin with

Worked on my match stick 3d piece for the rest of the day


Thoughts on today –

  • The match stick model is taking an incredibly long time, because of this I am thinking about creating the model smaller than I would have liked. In my head I was thinking of creating a staircase that spirals round continuously, so you never really know when it’s going to end. However instead, I am thinking of having two staircases going into the wall so that you still get this illusion of a staircase, but I wont have to use so much time to make it (I simply do not have the time to make it bigger). Furthermore I buy my match sticks from Poundland and I can’t seem to find them anywhere else, online or in other stores, so I could buy them cheaper. I buy my superglue from Poundland too, I can get 8 tubes for £1, but the tubes are near enough half full, next time I will perhaps use a glue gun. I tried pva on the model, it did work but it was far too time consuming to sit and hold each matchstick to the model, and to wait for it to dry.
  • In the contextual lecture we had today, we spoke about Freud, the psych and the abject, this is a topic that I found really interesting. After studying psychology during my A levels, I could relate to a few things that were spoken about. For instance, I remember learning about the id, ego and superego in conjunction with our conscious and unconscious feelings and actions. This could be something I look further into for my presentation that has to be done by May. Over the Easter holidays, and when my practical work has been submitted, I will look into this further- elements link to Freuds dream analysis book I have been reading.
  • Thoughts on the course so far- After speaking to some of the students in my studio, I had conversations about finding work experience, the lectures and some of the areas that I have found hard in the course. They suggested that I write about this so I can come back to it later on in the course. It could help me develop to reflect more and to evaluate. In terms of the course structure, I have found it incredibly difficult not having a structured time table. I find it hard to know what to do sometimes and I like to work in a structured and logical way. I think this is very much reflected in my practical work. I have chosen to look at architecture, grids, structured forms and lines. The fact I have done this has caused the pieces I have produced to be worked out, to fit, to make sense, or to look right. I have stayed within the laws of the grid and worked in a linear fashion, not leaving this rigid structure. I think working in this way has helped me to overcome this hurdle of having so much freedom in what we do, and so much free studio time on our timetables. Second of all I like to write myself lists, to record what I do on this  blog and to work to a guide which I can alter according to how I feel each day.
  • I have been searching for work experience around art therapy. Art therapy has become a great interest to me. After working as an artist in an academic environment I have decided being an independent artist may not be for me. Although I love to be creative and to make works, I think sometimes the pressure of creating puts me to a halt sometimes, I struggle to enjoy it as much as I used to. I am happy to experiment and to try new things but I also know what I love doing, which is ultimately drawing with a pencil or pen. I desire a job where I can be creative, where there is structure, and I have a goal. From my previous work being a customer assistant at Waitrose for three years and working in Barbour as a seller, I know I love to work in a customer facing environment too. I thrive when I have the opportunity to work with others and more specifically when I can help others. Furthermore I have contacted around 10 art therapists, the hospital, a friend who is an art therapist, a trauma clinic and a dementia organisation who all art therapy practises. I want to learn what it’s really like to be an art therapist.