What I have done today –

10-4= working in the studio/ had my tutorial with Robert

Planned a trip to Houser and Wirth with a fellow student. I will be going at 10am tomorrow morning.



Thoughts on today –

  • When I was looking through my work I was starting to think about what I could produce or exhibit for my end of degree show/ for the assessment April 3rd. When I spoke to Robert he believed I had enough ideas and a body of work that shows a clear path and where I have experimented a lot. He believes that I don’t need to focus on more ideas or looking further into artists, but that I should take a step back and work on things that perhaps could be improved. It was suggested that I re do my sand piece and work on my photography and video skills to make a great final piece. Therefore, I am planning to finish my 3d model made out of match sticks and then recreate my sand piece using the same template and image.