What I have done today –

10-2= Went to Houser and Wirth https://www.hauserwirth.com/

2.30-5= Working in studio

5-7= Researching artists suggested in tutorial by Robert


Below are some photographs from my trip to Hauser and Wirth

Thoughts on today-

  • I most enjoyed looking at the horse/ human like figures made out of broze in the Hauzer and Wirth. I liked that Elizabeth Frink had exhibited her drawings a longside her 3d work. You could clearly see the link between the drawings and the sculptures. Elements of the horses head such as the mouth shape in particular could be seen. Additionally I loved the pieces outside in the garden. I felt part of the work and engulfed by it. This is something I want people to feel in my work. I others to really grasp an atmosphere and a feel of the building I am focusing on.
  • When I was in the exhibition, I had a chat with one of the ladies who works and curates for the gallery. She was lovely and spoke about a previous exhibition that had gone on there which was based around architecture. I told her a little bit about my practise and she suggested I had a look at it if it was online.

Looked into the following  exhibitions –

Monika Sosnowska Tower

5 Sept – 25 Oct 2014, Hauser & Wirth New York, 18th Street

Architecture Season

21 Mar – 21 June 2015, Hauser & Wirth Somerset

Maisons Fragiles

11 Dec 2015 – 6 Feb 2016, Hauser & Wirth London



9 OCT – 16 OCT 2016