What I have done today –

Today I started working on another stair case to add to the structure I have already made. Below are some photographs of the process. I took a lot of care and time to make sure it was all even, the right angles were at exactly 90 degrees and it was stable

Thoughts on today –

  • The under layer I have made out of cardboard is good, I am happy with the structure. However, I am very aware that this one is clearly a lot neater and accurate than the staircase that I have already made. I think I might have some difficulty attaching this piece onto the staircase model I have already made because the edges will have to line up well. I will cross this bridge when I come to it and try to work as quickly on this piece as possible so that I have enough time to make alterations and to remake parts that don’t sit well. On the other hand, I like how you can see the difference and the progression I have made using the materials themselves.