What I have done today –

9-11= Contextual studies lecture

12-4.30= Working on  match stick piece (Ran out of glue so went home to work on my blog and website)

Photos of the model so far-

Thoughts on today –

  • I had to overcome some issues with the matchstick piece today. As predicted, when it came to adding on the new piece of stairs I made last week, they didn’t line up and so I spend a while making the two pieces fit together. The structure is now made, I just need to add the final few match sticks onto the stairs to finish. The end piece is very crooked and fragile looking (it is very fragile to handle and move too). It was suggested by Gareth in the casting workshop to cast the piece, but I don’t want to ruin the structure I already have. Plus, I like the look of the matchsticks and I like that the wood/ material used reflects the foundations of what many buildings are made from today. My next challenge with the piece will be figuring out a way of hanging the piece on the wall, I have placed the structure up against the wall and I like the way it looks, but I need something that will support the weight of the piece but that wont damage it as it is very fragile. Maybe the best option is to ask Tim in the painting workshop for this when the time comes.