What I have done today –

  • Painted my studio space for assessment
  • Had a tutorial with Young In about my practise
  • Discussed my work with other students
  • Thought about what I want to present for my final assessment

New plan for the week-

Monday evening=

  • Context folder work- contents page
  • Selecting an image for sand piece and draw out
  • Make a model out of matchsticks to burn


  • Make sand piece (Work between 9 and 7 to get the piece done for assessment)
  • Make another model out of matchsticks to burn


  • Finish anything I didn’t finish in the previous few days practical wise
  • Burn match stick models and video
  • Loan out video equipment and video myself destroying the piece properly (Perhaps drop bricks or something large onto it or burn it)


  • Tutorial with Robert from 10am onwards, talk about the works I am going to present, get feedback on the work I have done this week


  • Install works
  • Complete anything I haven’t finished context wise


Thoughts on today –

  • I feel a little stressed about the assessment today. After receiving feedback on my work I am struggling to know what to do. My matchstick piece was created using long wooden matchsticks. The fact they are made out of wood is what drew them to me. I like to use materials that reflect the materials used to make the buildings I am focusing on. For instance in my previous works I have used sand, the grains that made up the abbey itself. Interestingly Young picked up on the fact that they are matchsticks more so than the wood. She described that the red ends of the matchstick are exciting and are interesting, and I feel a little upset with myself at the idea that I have chopped off the most exciting part of the piece.
  • My original plan today was to finish my match stick piece and then do a sand piece that was videoed better using a better quality video camera. Furthermore I would destroy the sand in a different way to how I originally did. Originally I used my hand to brush the sand away, perhaps I should drop something on the image or burn the image etc. to reflect the context of the piece. I understand that the way I brushed it away perhaps wasn’t the best way to destroy or show the piece.
  • On reflection I think I will now play with the match sticks a little more and explore the concept of them burning away, keeping the red ends on the match sticks. However, this will merely be an experiment, and I will still present the match stick stair piece I have already created because the meaning behind the wood is still important to me. I can’t let a few peoples opinions override my own opinions.
  • In addition to continuing with experimenting with the matchsticks. I am going to select a new image to create. I will make this in the exact same way as my first piece, same size and materials. However, the way I video it will be more professional and the way I destroy the piece will be more fitting to the context behind it.