What I have done today –

  • Videoed my match stick piece burning – took out some video equipment from photography, mounted the piece onto a board and lit from the ends. The video link is below
  • I also put up my match stick piece, photos are below
  • Tried to project my video for assessment day. However, there was problems with the file. I visited the photography technician again and exported the file to a file type that was compatible. However it still would not play
  • Updated blog

Thought on today-

  • Overall I am happy with my installation. The stairs fit nicely on the wall and I am pleased with the way they are fixed onto the wall. Although one side of the matchsticks don’t align properly against the wall it fits with the theme of impermanence and fits with the crooked, fragile look of the stairs. If I had created perfectly accurately made stairs, I would have spent more time making sure the piece lay flat against the wall. But I think it works quite nicely with the overall piece
  • I am a little frustrated that I couldn’t get the video to display properly with the projector. I spent a lot of time going to and from the photography room trying to get it sorted but the file wouldn’t work for an unknown reason. Therefore on monday morning I intend to go in as early as possible to sort it before assessment time at 10am. I must remember to take electric tape to tape any loose wires to the floor and must remember my context folder
  • Burning the matchstick piece was really exciting. Similar to last term, I created something and destroyed it before my deadline, I like the excitement of not really knowing what will happen. The match sticks curled beautifully at the ends and some peer students came to watch the piece burn as I filmed it
  • Why I created the burning matchstick stairs- After receiving feedback from group crits, other students and tutorials, I found most people enjoyed the impermanence aspect of my work. They seemed excited by the prospect that I could simply set alight these matchsticks and the whole sculpture that I had been creating for nearly 2 weeks would be destroyed. People said it was exciting to see but very sad to burn away something I had spent so much time on. This feeling is what I wanted to get people to feel when viewing my work because it’s the same feeling that would have been felt during the bath blitz for instance, or during the war, or any disaster. Events happen everyday globally where people, objects, buildings etc. are lost. I do not wish to make people feel guilt or sadness. I wish for people to admire what remains around us and what there has been in the past , in a positive way.

I chose to make the piece into a stair case for various reasons. Initially I had become interested in the transparent, windows and light. When reflecting on my practise, I notice that nearly all my works centre around a window or play on light in some way. For instance, the window of bath abbey is the main feature in my fine liner drawing. Also I used clingfilm and sugar glass to experiment with, both of which are transparent. At the beginning of term I bought lots of match sticks to use. I noticed that straight lines and grids are main features in my work and wanted to use this some how. Therefore I thought I would try to create a match stick sculpture. The wood is an example of a material used in the building of many houses, churches and other buildings. A collection of match sticks mirrors the lines that appear in my drawings, and the fact they are matchsticks, represents this impermanence again, the fact that not everything is permanent and everything will eventually decay, break down or will be damaged in some way. The square ends of the match sticks and the way they slotted together made me want to create something linear, something long and structured. I thought about creating a window but then the transparency would be lost using this material. Or perhaps a doorway. In the end I chose to make stairs. (Connotations of stairs= not knowing where they lead/ unknown pathways/ stairs to heaven or hell?/ illusions/ facade/ crooked staircases/ old/ creaky/ structured) The stairs are a sort of illusion, and the crooked/ fragile way I have made them makes the viewer feel like they could fall down any minute, just like any building could.