What I have done today –

  • Updated my CV onto my website
  • Updated my blog
  • Uploaded edited images of my Term 2 Degree work on to my website
  • Development on external project for next term completed
  • Completed my artist statement for my website

Thoughts on today/ development-

  • Today I received an email in response to a work experience enquiry. As I am an aspiring art therapist, I contacted art therapists in and around Bath in hope I could find some experience for May. I had a response from a lady who has connections with ‘Studio Upstairs’  , an organisation in Bristol. It appears there is an opportunity to be a volunteer artist in the workshops they offer for people. I am incredibly  interested in doing this. However, it is a minimum commitment of one day a week for 6 months. Due to my commitments with the University, I have sent an email to see if this is something I could work into my schedule at the University.
  • I have contacted Forge 2, a gallery and art shop in Culworth in hope to get a couple of days shadowing the artists who work there. I have an appointment to meet with the lady in charge on Wednesday 12th at 11am.
  • I am pleased I have managed to hit the criteria on the list for the website hand in date after Easter.