What I have done today –

  • Contextual Studies Lecture 9-11am – focusing on the last of the themes in our handbook.
  • Today I worked on the Risk Assessment and Ethical Form which I am required to fill in for my exhibition task as part of my professional practise module.
  • I sorted out what I will be doing for my exhibition- I am taking part in an exhibition called 11 by 11 which is being curated by a fellow student in year 1 Fine Art. There will be 11 artists and we will exhibition in 11 Belgrave Terrace Cresent at the end of May. Furthermore, I am taking part in a second exhibition to do with lockers. There will be 10 lockers where students can fill them with work and place them on the University grounds to be looked at.


  • I need to find out the size of the locker for the exhibition to ensure I have the correct dimensions of work to fit inside. Furthermore, I need to start thinking about what work I want to show.
  • Being part of the 11 by 11 exhibition is exciting by nerve racking. I have never taken part in an exhibition before outside of an institution. However, I am excited to do this with other students and I am excited to learn from it.