What I have done today –

  • I wrote out a rough plan for my presentation. I have decided to do my presentation based on the lecture ‘Culture and Commerce’. I will be discussing the art economy in comparison to the macro economy. I will talk about love and money and how some artists are happy to be creating their work and sharing it with others for little or no money. Whereas some artists create works that sell for millions and money is very important to them. I want to link this into my interest for art therapy. I believe If I am talking about a subject I am really interested in, I will be convincing and engaging when presenting. Furthermore I have decided to look at colour psychology and the effects it has on people.
  • I wrote a proposal for the works I wish to exhibit for the 11 by 11 exhibition and the locker exhibition.Exhibition-Details
  • I received photographs of our exhibition space for the exhibition 11 by 11. I will be going to see the space in person on Monday at 3pm to chose where I will exhibit. Photos below show the space we will be exhibiting in: