What I have done today –

  • Helped out with the 3rd years final degree exhibitions. We helped by painting walls, doors, sweeping the floors, running errands and taking out rubbish. There is a photo below showing how we transformed the walls completely. The wall in this photo was covered in graffiti, paint, oil, it had been stapled and dented. We had to fill in all the gaps with white filler, allow this to dry, then take out all the staples and sand down the wall including excess from the filler. After this, we had to use multiple layers of paint blocker because the oiliness from the wall was seeping through normal paint. After that had dried we coated the wall in emulsion.


  • I spoke to a 3rd year girl today who told me a little bit about what is to come with the course and what University has been like for her. She gave me some general advice and I am learning more about how a studio should be properly cleared and laid out for a degree show. The student described how each year she had focused on a different subject, for instance her practise was initially focused on portraits. The student would study, paint and exhibit portraits. However, for her final year she is focusing on areas that can be argued as forgotten places. Her paintings show very drab and neglected places including shops and petrol stations. She uses paints on canvas and has put up her work at eye level.                                                                                                                                                                                                                              She told me a little bit about the course too. I asked what the structure of the course was like and she described the freedom to  create which we have had in first year carrying on throughout University. However, our professional practise module changes slightly, which involves writing more essays, exhibiting work and writing everything up on our website. I feel okay about this because throughout my last term I blogged everything I did as I went. I feel this worked really well for me when It came to reflecting and developing. Furthermore, this would be something I would continue regardless of being told.