What I have done today –

  • Assisted with the third year studios. Today we got assigned to complete a slightly different job to painting which we did yesterday. We had the job of clearing the studios of unwanted litter and materials and taking it all to the skip. It was a tough job because there was so much that needed taking to the skip, but the studios looked a lot tidier afterwards. Below are some photographs

For next year, I have learned to try to be as tidy as possible by clearing up and taking out rubbish every day. The more it builds up, the harder I will make it for myself at the end of the year. Furthermore, I definitely will not be nailing in to the wall or stapling in to the walls if I do not have to because it is time consuming to take them out and clear them.

I learned how to use the electric trailer which we loaded with rubbish today. This could be useful for the next time I need to transport something across the campus.