What I have done today –

  • Today the 11 by 11 exhibition began. I attended the opening evening from 2-5 which involved greeting visitors, talking to the other artists and enjoying the acoustic guitarists music who we invited to play with us.
  • I spent the rest of the day in the library, focusing on my presentation which will be on Culture and Money

Photographs from the exhibition opening night;

Thoughts –

  • Listening to peoples opinions of my work at the exhibition opening evening was really interesting. Many people commented on the detail and skill of my work which I was extremely appreciative of. When making my works, I always have the goal of creating a close likeness to the image I am trying to depict, I have a great interest in picking out detail.
  • Having an acoustic player while the exhibition was taking place was a great asset. The house which we exhibited in was quite big, meaning sometimes some of the rooms were really quiet. I think the music really lightened peoples moods and helped people to feel comfortable to approach us as contemporary artists.
  • If we were to do this again, I perhaps would have put up more work. Although I think the exhibition looked great, I think we underestimated how big the area we had really was.
  • We created posters as a group which we put all over the centre of Bath, in shop windows etc. here are a few photos of the development;

The red lettering was inspired by the decor of the house. With the house having red doors etc. we wanted the poster to reflect where we were. Furthermore, the name 11 by 11 was inspired by the 11 artists who exhibited in the exhibition and number 11 Belgrave Terrace, where the exhibition was held.