What I have to today –

  • To support my professional practise module, I booked a careers appointment which I attended today

Thoughts/ summarising points from careers appointment-

  • Since your last appointment you have been thinking more about your course. You’ve spoken to current third years to find out more about how the course is structured and what to expect. You have decided to continue with your studies. You have also identified that having a different personal tutor in your next year of study might be beneficial for you – and you have identified a couple of academics whose creative practice resonates with you. We discussed speaking to Natasha as course leader about the choice of personal tutor for next year.
  • You’ve taken time to really consider Art Therapy as a career option and are still very interested in this as a career route. You’ve found some summer courses on offer by universities as an introduction to art therapy, but these are costly. We discussed the benefit of getting experience working with a range of clients groups and facilitating arts activity (regardless of whether or not it is run by an Art Therapist) in order to build your experience and make a further informed decision about this career route.
  • Through someone you made contact with about Art Therapy, you had an application form to volunteer at Studio Upstairs (Bristol) which offer art workshops for people with mental health issues. We reviewed the information required for the application form including answering a question (50-200 words) about why you want to apply to volunteer at Studio Upstairs. We talked about:
    • Why you are interested in working for Studio Upstairs (review their website and any other communication platforms about what they do)
    • Why you are specifically interested in this opportunity – look back over the job description to identify what aspect of the role really excites you (we talked about ‘working with others’)
    • Why you are suited to the role – think about what you can offer – we talked about making links and connections (e.g. working as part of a team on exhibitions – which also appear to be part of what Studio Upstairs offers its members).