Today’s Schedule;

9.30-3= Making A1 paper maquette

3-4= Break

4-5= Writing negotiated work proposal (draft)

5-6= Artist Research on Frank Gehry

6-6.30= Blog/ Reflection



Photos from paper maquettes –

Today was my first day in the studio. After making the manifesto for the year, I wanted to stay true to making a piece of work every day. One of my weaknesses last year was my tendency to overthink/ worry. I would go through phases of making lots of work, and then phases of making none at all.

After researching Frank Gehry further. I decided to revisit making models. However, different to last year, I used this photo below, as inspiration for my maquette. In addition to this, I worked to a larger scale. I did not limit myself because I used the image only as inspiration. I used a grid which gave me a guideline for inspiration. To make this piece, I drew a grid on an A1 sheet of paper and one by one, lifted up squares to create a structure. Towards the end, I began to use the surrounding white space to make more towers and connectors.

Photos are taken from all angles to see from every perspective. Furthermore, in the photograph I was using for inspiration, the camera is engulfed by the architecture surrounding it. There are linear structures everywhere. This is why I have kept the grid beneath my maquette, and why I have photographed from every angle.

The linear, grid like patterns in this photo, are mirrored in my model. However, my model is very flimsy and delicate. When I am required to present this, I would struggle to move it or exhibit it. Furthermore, perhaps I should be looking at using sturdier and more substantial materials.


Negotiated work proposal thoughts/ ideas-


  • Architecture
  • Detail/ accuracy
  • I enjoy drawing from life and from photographs
  • Both large and small scale work
  • Drawing skills- Fine Liner/ Sand drawing/ Models/ Finger painting
  • I enjoy using materials that are temporary- brushing sand away/ melting ice/ decay/ setting fire to match sticks
  • Grids/ linear work/ precision
  • Art therapy- 9-5 structured lifestyle
  • Creating a likeness to an image/ subject through technique
  • Showing the history of something through its materials
  • Photography and lighting
  • Black and white as opposed to colour

How I will explore these ideas-

  • Research architecture/ architectural drawing/ different periods in architecture
  • Research architects- Frank Gehry
  • Draw/ produce work daily
  • Try new skills- ceramics? Printing? Larger scale
  • Read magazines in the library- look at contemporary works as well as historical texts and artists
  • Read articles, books, magazines, website information
  • Visit galleries on a weekly basis

Questions/ Concerns-

  • How can I develop my work further from last year?
  • What other materials are there that can show the aesthetic of a building?
  • What other printing methods are there to explore?

I am concerned that I will create work that I have already created from last year and struggle to come up with new ideas and concepts