Today’s Schedule:

9-10.20= Photography and it’s fabrications lecture

10.20-11= Break

11-3= Studio practise

3-4.20= The Shape of Things lecture

4.20-8= Studio Practise



Today I have been feeling quite frustrated with my practise. I reflected on the model I made on Tuesday and I am fearful that I am going back a step, rather than moving forward. Although my model is bigger and more intricate, perhaps I need to branch out. In reflection of this, I have decided to sign up for a ceramics workshop, which will take place on 17th October.

Staying true to creating work everyday, I ended up playing with ink. I began smudging the ink, fingerprinting and pushing the ink in curved lines. I started off making linear marks on the page because a lot of my drawings are very linear and follow the guidelines in a grid. However, I didn’t like how messy the finished drawing was. I felt I didn’t have any control and so I decided to do a second piece of work where the lines were more curved and gestural. I actually think the darkest part of the lines look like finger tips and the elongated lines look like long fingers. I think with loser, more playful materials, drawing in a linear way is almost not possible.

This summer I have truly missed drawing, and I think I have lost my confidence a little. To overcome this, I made myself create artwork today, and I went back to basics and drew a quick perspective piece to get my eye for drawing architecture back. My next task I think will be to draw a detailed piece, perhaps of a photograph I took in Budapest, in order to get the skills of drawing back.

Below are some of the works I completed today;

1st and 2nd pieces using printing ink

The first simple line drawing is just practising using a vanishing point and drawing. The second piece on the top right, is where I started to add charcoal in a linear way. The final piece expresses my frustration and I ended up very quickly and loosely drawing over the outline of the drawing. The way it smudged and swayed from the lines caused me to do this.