Today’s Schedule;

7.30- Print out documents of photos to do some more collage work

8.30- In the studio, sign up for Ceramics workshop for Friday 20th

9- Photography and it’s fabrication lecture

10.30- Collage work with Prague photos

12- Tutorial with Robert Luzar



Unfortunately due to medical reasons I had to leave the studio early. However, to make time I will be in the studio tomorrow and Saturday.

Although I did not quite make it through the whole tutorial with Robert, we discussed some important themes that reoccur in my work. For instance, Frank Gehry’s dancing house was built over an area which was previously bombed, it appears I am always drawn to places that have been destroyed or damaged. The theme impermanence is common in nearly all my work.


  • Explore ceramics, taking patterns from photographs I have taken in Budapest and Prague and incorporating them into practical work- I have a workshop booked for tomorrow at 10.30am
  • Explore match stick models again. At the end of the final term in year 1, I made a match stick stair case, I really enjoyed making the model. This year, I feel inspired to make my own spaces and worlds. I was inspired by a piece of artwork I saw in the DOX Contemporary art museum in Prague where an artist collaborated photographs form Ukraine to make her own space. Furthermore, I read a section from the book ‘Delirious New York’ and the concept that architecture is the cause for civilisation to grow. I like this idea that a building can have so much influence. To begin making my own spaces, I decided to collage some of the photographs I have taken in Prague to make new buildings. From this, I want to use matchsticks again and maybe cast these models/ maquettes I make
  • Close up drawings/ different perspectives- see if life drawing classes are on this year

Progress photos- collage work