Today’s Schedule:

10-11= Painting

11-12 = Reflection

12-1= Paper model making

1-1.30= Blogging


  • Admittedly, I found today a struggle working in the studio. After not having a proper tutorial, I have been finding it hard to have confidence in my work, so motivating myself to carry on making was difficult. However, I wanted to make sure I created something. Therefore, I decided to practise visualising 3D models by making a structure out of card. I used a grid to ensure the individual blocks were placed on the paper straight. Furthermore, I used a Stanley knife and ruler to make sure the blocks were neat. I didn’t want to spend my whole day making this so I decided to move on to painting,


  • This piece is based on a photograph I took in Budapest of the Parliament Building. I love drawing in a linear fashion and to the rules of a grid. Seeing as painting is a medium that I rarely use, I thought I would give it a try. I drew a very vague outline of the building, and picked out the archways and the tallest parts of the building to paint. I extended the tallest points, exaggerating the lines.
  • At first, I didn’t like this piece, I think it’s quite hard to decipher what the shapes I have painted are. I worry that people will look at it and wont be able to tell what it is. However, the more I look at it, it does reflect the things that I like in a painting or picture. I love linear mark making and I love the contrast of black to white because it doesn’t distract the eye from the subject