Today’s Schedule;

10-12= Studio Time

12-12.30= Break

12.30-1= Tutorial with John Wood

1-3.30= Studio Time

3.30-5= Visiting Artist Lecture with Benji Jeffrey

5-6= Studio Time


Today I had a really helpful tutorial with John Wood. After a slow start in the studio, I felt really motivated and a lot more confident about my work afterwards. We discussed the following;

  • If drawing is my passion, continue drawing but find new ways to display it. Think about zooming in on a drawing/ enlarging aspects of the drawing/ creating a series of images to show a story, timeline or history/ look at work that you produce from the viewers perspective
  • John said to me to think of my fine liner drawings in relation to a roast dinner. Like drawing with fine liner, I enjoy a roast dinner, but would I have roast chicken every day for instance? No, I wouldn’t, you have to try new things and experience different things in order to appreciate them. So in response, I am going to try new things and experiment with my work as much as I can
  • We discussed how exciting architecture as a project is and can be, and we agreed that my overall knowledge of architecture throughout history is lacking. So I was recommended a book called ‘Invisible Cities’ by Italo Calvino, Frank Gehry’s Imagine Documentary and Neuferts Architects book. Furthermore, I should look at the work of Corbusier
  • Be confident and throw yourself into it !!!

A1 pencil drawing on black paper of Frank Gehry’s Dancing House-

  • After researching into Frank Gehry’s Dancing House, I discovered that the site that it was built on was bombed in WW2 in 1945. The site was left untouched for 15 years before it was cleared. I wanted to show the history of the site, so I came up with the idea of making the image out of salt. After all, salt is a grainy textured material that is representative of building. It is a natural mineral that I thought related to the concept of the piece well. Initially I had the idea of making the piece by placing the salt into the position/ shape of the building and leaving it, mirroring the way the site was left in 1945, but after creating a similar piece with sand last year, I didn’t want to spend that much time placing the sand in to the shape of the building out of fear of wasting time. So I thought I would stick the salt to the page this time and see what I wanted to do with the piece after creating it.