Today’s Schedule;

11-1.30= Studio Time, timed activity

1.30-2= Tutorial with Robert Luzar

2-4.30= Studio time- placing salt onto drawing of the Dancing House

4.30-6= Break

6-8= Blogging/ Research


Salt drawing- half way through

I quite like how you can see which areas I worked on first, the salt dissolved in the glue and is a lot fainter

In the spirit of throwing myself into my practise I set myself a challenge of drawing the dancing house in 10 seconds, 1 minute, 2 minutes, 5 minutes, 7 minutes and 15 minutes so you would see a journey/ history in my drawings. Although I don’t particularly like the style of drawing (quite messy), it is an interesting idea/ interesting way of showing a past or history

My tutorial with Robert was really interesting, we discussed the following;

  • Using materials that echoed history- using ash/ smoke marks/ sawdust
  • Mimicking an event in time in my work
  • Don’t overthink work I do, but at the same time make sure I am reading and that there is a relation to the concept
  • Experiment and be playful
  • Generate work which engages the audience
  • Focus on the details of architecture- archways, windows, pillars, doors etc. (facade)
  • Play with scale/ life size pieces
  • Research artists Mark Lewis, Pablo Bronsteins instillation’s (videos of space)
  • Read D. Sudjecs Edifice Compex
  • The concept of space