Today’s Schedule;

9-12= Working on salt piece of Dancing House (9am lecture cancelled)

12-1= Break

1-2= Reading ‘Invisible Cities’ by Italo Calvino

2-4= Finishing salt piece of Dancing House

4-5= Break

5-6= Blogging/ Writing Negotiated work proposal for



Salt piece photos-

Using a negative copy of a photograph that I took of the Dancing House in Prague, I created this piece out of salt and pva glue.

After discussing this piece with my course leader Camilla, we decided that it looked almost like I had made this using a stencil. Each section is separate from the other but they come together to make an overall piece. Also, there appears to be a relationship between my 2d piece and 3d work. Camilla mentioned that she thought of Rachel Whitereads work and that I should have a go at casting pieces I make. I am actually quite gutted that I did not keep my stair case piece I made last year because I would have quite liked to see how that would cast. So another task I could set myself would be to make some more models out of matchsticks to cast.


  • Matchstick pieces to cast
  • Make tiles out of ceramics to work on
  • Digital print on tiles in ceramics
  • Look at the history of staircases/ windows/ archways
  • Make work out of ash/ debry
  • Make a paint out of ash?