Today’s Schedule;

9-10.20= Photography and it’s fabrication lecture

10.20-12.30= Drawing in preparation to do more stone lithograph printing

12.30-1.30= Break

1.30= 3.30= Preparing my sandstone to do another lithograph print on to

3.30-4.30= Tracing a drawing that I can eventually make a drypoint of

4.30-5= Break

5-6= Blogging




I actually found doing these drawings really difficult because I had to do them quicker in order to get the style I was after. After discovering that it is quite difficult to spend a lot of time drawing on to the sandstone without marking it, I wanted to try and draw quickly on to the stone. To do this, I used the grid method to create the basic outline on the paper, and then I let my hand draw in a very gestural and free way. The first drawing I did is very rigid (on the bottom right) and doesn’t look how I wanted it to. The others are a lot looser and are more gestural. This means you see more movement and life in the image