Today’s Schedule;

9-11= Working on matchstick staircase piece

11-11.30= Discussing stone lithograph prints with the print technician

11.30-12.30= Break

12.30-2.30= Drawing in preparation for the stone lithograph printing session tomorrow

2.30-3.30= Working on matchstick staircase piece

3.30-5= Vising artist lecture on Michael Peltry



After really enjoying using matchsticks in my work last year, I wanted to explore using the material further. The effect given by a collection of linear matchsticks is really appealing to me because the lines that are created by lining up the matchsticks are mirrored in a lot of my drawings.

I was very playful with the matchsticks, lining them up and cross hatching them to see how they fit together. Quite often the matchsticks fell down and were destroyed very easily by a simple nudge to the table.

Towards the end of my session with the match sticks, I thought I would make my match stick stair case piece again. However, this time I want to take the model further, perhaps by casting it or chopping it up, to see what more I can make from it.