Today’s Schedule;

8-8.30= 30 minute run

10-12= Updating blog/ sorting photos into clear files

12-1= Break

1-3= Reading extracts from the book ‘Art in Theory 1900-2000’ by Charles Harrison and Paul Wood

3-4= Research and plan 2 art trips for this week (A day in London and a day in Bristol)

4-5= Drawing for etching



Similar to the way I love to draw in a detailed and precise way, I emphasise the importance of exercise. I have recently found a great interest in being an art therapist and I am interested in the relationship between art and psychology. I believe exercise among many other things has a great impact on the mind. Furthermore, I have begun an intermediate running plan for a half marathon that I will be completing next March. In addition to this, I have begun to apply to gain some experience working in a creative environment. I have written to the RUH in Bath and I will continue to search for volunteer opportunities.

Bristol Plan- Visit on Saturday

  • Get the train
  • Visit the RWA new exhibition- multiple artists of different styles
  • Visit the Holbourne museum in Bath on the way/ way back to see Michael Peltry’s work in person (we had a lecture from him last tuesday)
  • Visit the Arnolfini gallery to see Greyson Perry’s exhibition

London Plan- Visit on Friday

  • Tate Britain- Rachel Whiteread exhibition £13.10
  • The National Gallery- Monochrome exhibition £14
  • The Royal Academy of Arts- Jasper Johns exhibition £12 (off peak/ after 4pm)