Today’s Schedule;

10-12= Ceramics

12-1= Break

1-2.15= Drypoint drawing

2.15-3.15= Website lecture

3.15-3.30= Break

3.30-5= Drypoint drawing




This year my project is based around how materials can echo the textures and materials of a building. I have explored with matchsticks, lithograph printing, salt, sand etc. in the past.

Ceramics is a material that I have never considered using because sculpture isn’t my usual style. However, with the importance of experimentation in mind, I have decided to be brave and try it.

Today I made 6 tiles. 2 of them have been sent to the kiln to set. Another 2 have been carved when the clay had just been rolled out and the other 2 are tiles that I will make marks on on a later date this week. I want to see if the clay will crack or curve. I also want to see if drying the clay slowly or making marks at a different step in the process will make a visible difference.

My studio space today ;

Each week, I take down the previous weeks work and my goal is to fill my space with new work. This week I have put up some of my lithograph prints and I will replace the salt piece with my ceramic tiles 23377182_10213501688789440_1983457568_o.jpg