Today’s Schedule;

9-10.30= Lecture- photography and it’s fabrications

10.30-11= Tutorial

11-11.30= Working on drypoint

11.30-12= Break

12-2= Working on drypoint

4-5= Printing documents for context folder



Our lecture this week was on photo books and below are some quotes from the lecture that I particularly enjoyed=

  • ‘the point of books are to show a history/ to show something that has been done’- the history
  • ‘you engage with a book, you touch it’ – engaging with the audience is something I need to work on. Perhaps creating a series is the answer
  • Ivars Gravlejs- ‘using the history of modern art to tell a story’
  • David Allen Harvey- ‘based on a true story’
  • Things for me to think about when creating my series- Chronology/ Mood/ Environment/ Theme/ Geography/ Season/ Colour/ Shape/ Symbol
  • What is your story? make it simple

The history of arches? the history of pillars? the history of windows etc.- look closer