Today’s Schedule;

9.30-10.30= Writing up research notes from the previous exhibitions (Tate Britain/ Royal Academy of Arts/ The National Gallery)

10.30-12= Researching archways (Circular arch, Jack arch, segmental arch, ogee arch, lancet arch, trefoil arch etc.)- with this research I would like to create a series of works to show the development of the arch

12-3= Dry point etching

3-3.30= Break

3.30-4= Quick sketches of Budapest

4-4.30= Collecting 2 of 6 ceramic tiles and experimenting drawing on the tiles

4.30-5.30= Break



Arranged to be part of a group exhibition in December, curated by Zach

I also applied to be a side by side hospital volunteer at the RUH in Bath assisting with Dementia patients (awaiting a response)



Dry point etching;

Nearly completed and ready to print ! This process is a lot more time consuming than I remembered. After it’s done, I may explore layering different print techniques to see the effects I get

Ceramic tiles; (will update photos asap- more experiments have been done, I forgot to document !)

The ceramic tiles were quite smooth to touch but were very uneven. The charcoal that is drawn on top shows the uneven surface. I experimented with pencil, biro, fine liner, acrylic paint and charcoal. I have 4 more to place into the kiln

Quick sketches;

After having good responses from others about my original fine liner sketches, I thought I would draw a few more. These are the same size as the other drawings. My next task will be to scale up and create or buy frames for them to make them gallery ready.