Today’s Schedule;

10.30-12= Arch research/ printing image

12-12.30= Break

12.30-1.30= Meeting to discuss upcoming art exhibition

1.30-4.30= Drawing Doge’s Palace arches (Venice architecture- Trefoil arch example)



To end the term on a high, 12 fine art students from my year have decided to do an exhibition. The exhibition is only on for one night, but it will be good practise for when we have to present our work for the assessment. The exhibition will be curated by Zach, who booked the space for us. In terms of what art work I will put up, I am thinking of displaying my street sketch photo in ink, and making replicas of it in a smaller size in case people are interested in buying them. They are really quick and simple to do. The extra money would be really helpful to buy more materials for my work. With an understanding that we will have around 2 meters of wall space each, I will aim to put up a few more of my drawings. However, I am unsure on what exactly I will show yet. Perhaps I could show a sand or salt piece. In the past, they have drawn a lot of attention.

Arch research- Showing the history/ development of the arch/ looking at the finer details

My aim is to create a series of works that show the development of the arch. I have spent a lot of time researching various different arches and what makes them all individual. I am trying to use photographs that I have taken. However, I simply haven’t seen all the variations of archways. Therefore, I will have to find a way of drawing these arches without actually seeing them. Here is a progress picture of a trefoil arch example, it is a vertical line drawing of the arches found in Venice, particularly surrounding the Doge’s Palace.

The technique is time consuming, but very satisfying for me to do.

A trefoil arch= an arch with a pointed apex (pointed top) and points towards the middle of the arch (inside the arch)