Today’s Schedule;

9-10.20= Photography and it’s fabrication lecture

10.20-12= Line drawing

12-1= Break

1-3= Line drawing

3-5= Library research

5-6= Drypoint



Things picked out from the lecture;-

  • ‘use the language of the material’
  • ‘why do we believe things when we see them?
  • ‘there is always a reference to art history and Blossfeldt is an impressive reference because he was the aesthetic model for new objectivity. This was the movement that generated the language of photography as truth’
  • Brian O’Doherty- The White Cube- the white walls in galleries etc. replication of a religious space in which you have to behave in a certain way- defined by the architecture
  • ‘the main purpose of photography in the 1960s and 1970s was to provide a regime of truth’
  • ‘I’m interested in fakes and fictions. I think there are 3 levels of fictions; criticism, parody and pastiche. I use fiction to create a critical discourse of how information is transmitted and filtered through academic and cultural institutions’
  • power in images
  • Performance of the self
  • Eric C- 24 hours in photos installation

Line drawing updated photos;

  • time consuming but I love the linear effect
  • I think the piece works better as a whole if the shape of the piece is tall and thin to echo the lines (bottom pictures shows left side covered up so you are left with only one/two columns of arches. One of which demonstraits a trefoil arch, the other a normal circular arch with an apex

LIbrary reserach=

  • Monika Sosnowska
  • Bruce Munro
  • Various books on architecture
  • Toba Khedoori