Today’s Schedule;

Crit day ! 10-5


Points discussed=

  • Space- how the space in a gallery affects the way you look at a piece. This was discussed for all our works
  • Colour/ monochrome- how does colour influence the piece? is colour purely emotional?
  • Architectural spaces
  • Your overall question- what is it that you are interested in?
  • Is the artwork expression or representative? abstract or not?
  • The argument of nature and nurture in psychology
  • The unconscious, conscious- id, ego, superego
  • Finance in art- art as a brand

Response to my crit=

I chose to present my work as follows;

I have incorporated my photography/ collage work to show the design element of my practise. Next, I have placed some variations of my drawing, some more gestural, some more structured. Finally, on the left, I presented my salt piece


In the crit, my tutor decided that our work should be depicted by the viewers before the artist is allowed to speak. So to begin with, my critiques sat and picked apart the salt piece I had done of the Dancing House in Prague. Feedback included-

  • why black and white?
  • why are the houses the shapes they are?
  • They could tell what the image was but did not understand why I had chosen it. There was an element of intrigue which was good !!
  • Monochrome/ negative image was difficult for some of them to depict the image

It was interesting that people were so intrigued by the image. Actually, they appeared to be more intrigued by the houses on the left rather than the actual dancing house. Perhaps because the image isn’t as clear.

I had a discussion with my tutor debating whether or not using colour attaches an emotional value. Personally, I believe that colours have connotations to feelings and objects and other scenes and because of this, I try to use a minimal palette to avoid confusion with the message of my work.  My work is about the architecture, the structure, and the overall feel for the space itself. By adding colour, I fear that people will feel manipulated by colour and will feel a certain way  when looking at it.

It is interesting to discuss where you would find the piece in a space, and to think about your audience. We discussed the controversial artist Damien Hirst in relation to this.