Today’s Schedule;

9.30-12= Sand piece drawing

12-12.30= Lunch break

12.30-3.30= Sand piece drawing

3.30-4.30= Visiting artist lecture, Dave Smith

4.30-5= Finishing sand piece drawing



I am working on developing my sand piece drawings which I began to create last year. By focusing on one medium, I hope to create more developed pieces which have a clearer meaning. Today I have been drawing Fisherman’s Bastion which I photographed in Budapest. The building consists of 7 towers which represent the 7 magyar tribes that settled there in 895. From these towers you get a panoramic view, which is why there are so many arches and windows. Furthermore, the building has been damaged many times in the past, many sieges took place here etc.

Photos of the drawing;


Unfortunately, I do not have the sand yet to make this, so I am going to continue to draw pieces that I can eventually cover in sand, ash, wood chippings etc.

Our visiting lecture today was Dave Smith. Smith creates large scale drawings/ copies of significant paintings and works of the past. Very similar to me, Smith tends to focus on drawing and abides to the rules of the grid. Further notes on this can be found in my context folder.