Today’s Schedule;

9.30-10= Prep for tutorial

10-10.30= Tutorial with Rosie Snell

10.30-12= Making salt samples

12-1.30= Researching materials- Ordering iron filings/ buying sand/ buying mylar and dura lar paper/ film

1.30-2= Break

2-5= Research on Anselm Keifer, Cornelia Parker, David Thorpe/ Re writing parts of my negotiated work proposal


Sand piece stencil experiments

Problems I am trying to solve-

  • Salt dissolves in glue- is sand/ ash/ iron filings better?
  • What other ways can I stick the pigments on to a page?
  • Iron filligs- how can I destroy them? Rust? water spray?
  • How can I make a stencil that is strong enough to hold the weight of the excess material sat on top? When practising with paper, the stencil is too heavy to lift off the page, meaning the image becomes a little distorted