Today’s Schedule;

12-5= Studio time-  working on Fisherman’s Bastion drawing/ stencil

5.30-8= Life Drawing Class


Today I decided to take part in a life drawing class at Dartmouth Avenue. As drawing is such an important element in my work, I think it is important for me to at least try this because drawing from a photograph and drawing from life is very different. With a still image, you are more likely to draw accurately. With a time pressure and a model that will move, you have to adapt your style.

The class involved drawing to a time limit. We spent up to 40 minutes at a time drawing the model in a new position. I found that time went incredibly quickly and I had to really push myself to work quickly. I experimented with drawing quite slowly and carefully, and drawing quickly without thinking. Overall, I enjoyed the experience, but I didn’t enjoy the time pressure that we had. I think it made me rush my work and panic.

In my practise, I am very used to drawing linear structures that conform to a system. Drawing a figure was incredibly different and one slightly exaggerated or misplaced line, completely morphed the figure. For this reason, I found it very frustrating. With a building, a slightly lengthened/ widened line is rarely noticed and can quite often enhance the look of the piece. Exaggerated lines and create more drama and emphasise a space. With a figure, I felt it did not have the same effect at all.

Below are some of my drawings, I am glad that I attempted this but clearly I could use some more practise if I am to pursue drawing figures and curves;

They are very out of proportion and too bold in some areas. I much prefer drawing architecture !!!