Today’s Schedule;

11-3.30= Drawing Bath Abbey stencil

3.30-4.30= Visiting artist lecture, Guy Bigland

4.30-5.30= Drawing Bath Abbey stenciil

5.30-6= Break

6-6.30= Blogging/ discussing art show with peers

8-10= Working on self evaluation form/ essay plan for monday



Step 1- drawing out my A2 grid

Step 2- drawing the image onto my A2 grid

Step 3- transfer the drawing onto the Mylar sheet and cut out (Problem= I tried to cut the Mylar with a Stanley knife but ended up slicing through the drawing, so I need to trace the image onto the sheet before cutting it out with the knife. Pencil, biro or fine liner did not show up, so I will need to use a permanent marker pen to do this tomorrow)

After my stencil is complete (hopefully by the end of tomorrow) I can make the stencil for the Fishermans Bastion and make a number of works using sand, iron filings, wood etc.

Below is our exhibition flyer created by other students; (9th December- this has been changed)