Today’s Schedule;

10-11= Chatting with my tutor/ peers

11.30- 2= Vising the Holbourne museum

2-5= Finishing stencil on myler



Photographs of finished stencil


  • The stencil is very flimsy, I am not sure if it will hold making that many pieces of work
  • Due to the material being so flimsy and thin, I am worried that if I put glue over the top, it will be difficult to remove the dried glue without breaking the sheet
  • It took 1 and a half days to complete the mylar stencil- quite time consuming


  • Hopefully, if this works, I will be able to make  multiple pieces of work quite quickly (I will test this on monday)
  • Although it has taken nearly two days, it has taken considerably less time than drawing out the image and placing the sand on the drawing by hand. The problems I faced with the sand drawing last year was that I only had one image at the end of it, and it was impermanent. Also, my final image was only visible by video by the time the piece had been destroyed. Video is not a media that I am really comfortable with and I prefer to display works that are physically in front of the viewer as opposed to an image or video

Houlbourne museum pictures;