What I have done this week;

Essay work for contextual studies


  • Found an amazing book on narratives called The Cambridge Introduction to Narratives
  • Read through The Architecture of the City by Aldo Rossi
  • Read All the Mighty World- book about Roger Fenton, really helpful

Started to do some practical work, I have begun to draw out an image of the parliament building in Budapest. I have aspirations to create much larger works and to perfect my sand work technique. I have faced many problems so far. Using PVA glue peels and dries too quickly for me to place the sand on the page in a detailed and precise way. The stencil I created using mylar paper worked really well but was very fragile and broke after around 5 uses of the stencil. I still have some dura lar sheets to practise using and I have a lot of experimenting to do.

I contacted an artist called Tim Bengel who I discovered through instagram. He creates works using black and white sand, as well as using gold leaf to highlight certain areas. He has made pieces of work based on architectural spaces and he has more recently begun to move to portraiture. I decided to email the artist in hope that he would be able to help me decide what adhesive material to to stick sand to the surface. He responded as follows;

In art and in live the most important thing is to make mistakes and failures to learn from them and find new inspiration. 
I needed about 4 years to find the best adhesive for my technique. I learned so much. That was when the time I really developed myself. 
The point is, I wouldn’t do you a favor by telling you how I exactly work. It’s important that you find your own and unique style, technique, voice.
I understand that experimentation is important and I will happily take the advice given to me to carry on doing this.
In addition to this, I contacted AP Fitzpatrick shop in London. After having a tutorial with them in my first year at Bath Spa, I wanted to see what they would suggest. They responded very quickly and have kindly offered to send me some sample glues to work with and try.
As I have aspirations to become an Art Therapist, I have recognised the importance of volunteering. In able for me to do an MA in Art Therapy, I will have to have experience working in a clinical setting. Last term, I applied to be a side by side volunteer at the RUH in Bath, volunteering with the Dementia patients for the Alzheimer’s Society. This week I met with the coordinator and had a chat about how the volunteering would work etc. Tracey very kindly told me that there would be a possibility I could volunteer with the art/ creative group associated with the society, which would be amazing for my CV. Furthermore, I was told that I had the option of either volunteering in a group or one to one. I am incredibly excited about starting.
I visited the RWA in Bristol and went in to the following exhibitions…
http://www.rwa.org.uk/whats-on (I have written more about this and books I have read in separate documents which can be found in my context folder)